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Georgia State University’s Open Access Scholarship Has Global Reach

Ever wondered who is reading the scholarly journal articles or the thesis or dissertation you wrote?  GSU authors who deposit their scholarship into Georgia State’s open access repository, ScholarWorks, can easily find out!   Every GSU author in ScholarWorks has an individual dashboard that shows where in the world people are located who are downloading the items in the repository, and how these readers are locating each item.  As you probably guessed, most items are discovered via Google; the dashboard also shows what keywords readers are using to search.  Make your scholarship open and easily discoverable to the world, and the world will take notice!

Map showing where readers are downloading items deposited in ScholarWorks (2014-2016)


If you’d like to learn more about Open Access, or if you are affiliated with GSU and would like to explore adding your publications to ScholarWorks, please contact


On the ScholarWorks homepage, you can view realtime downloads of items.