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Qualitative Research Summer Intensive Program @ UNC

GSU Qualitative Researchers: Looking for intensive qualitative research training opportunities for the summer? QSRI-UNC

Explore the offerings at the University of North Carolina Odum Institute’s 13th Annual Qualitative Research Summer Intensive.

Eighteen one-day and two-day courses are being offered:

  • Crafting Phenomenological Research: How Phenomena Can Take Shape in Various Contexts
  • Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
  • Implementation Research: Using Qualitative Research Methods to Improve Policy and Practice
  • ‘Sort and Sift, Think and Shift’: Learning to Let the Data Guide Your Analysis
  • Writing Effective Qualitative and Mixed Methods Proposals
  • Writing Rites: Working on Your Analysis and Writing
  • Analyzing Online Conversations: A Research Framework
  • Building a Codebook and Writing Memos
  • Creating Credible, Vivid, and Persuasive Qualitative Stories: Research as Performance
  • Designing, Using, and Evolving Qualitative Interview and Focus Group Guides
  • Foundational Principles of and Approaches to Mixed Methods Research
  • Learning from Lived Experience: How We Can Study the World as It Is Lived
  • Coding and Analyzing Qualitative Data
  • Designing and Making Decisions in Qualitative Data Collection Projects
  • Digital Tools for Qualitative Research
  • Introduction to Grounded Theory: A Social Constructionist Approach
  • Mixed Methods: Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Results
  • Shifting Analytic Direction with Final Products in Mind: Using the ‘Sort and Sift’ Toolkit (co-taught by Georgia State University’s Kevin Swartout, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Public Health)

Click here for compiled course titles and descriptions, instructors, and dates, and click here for more information plus registration and pricing details.