Free digital textbooks from the University of North Georgia Press

In partnership with the Affordable Learning Georgia initiative, the University of North Georgia Press offers a number of free digital textbooks. Most of the free digital textbooks include a Creative Commons license that allows them to be uploaded to iCollege and shared with the world. Most also have options to purchase an affordable print copy.

Here are a few UNG Press digital textbooks that might catch your interest, or go here to see all of their free digital textbooks.



Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning

The digital version is free with a CCBYSA license. Individual images throughout the work are clearly cited with licensing information under each image. The Digital version is free with no login required. Get a Print version for $29.99.





British Literature I: Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century and Neoclassicism

The digital version is free to download and share with no login required. This book is nearly 3000 pages and is divided into 4 parts. You may print what you need yourself, or the individual sections are offered for purchase at an affordable price.





World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500

The Digital version is free to download and share with no login required. Get a print version for $29.99.





If you don’t find what you need here, take a look at the GSU Library’s Open Education Guide. Or, contact Denise Dimsdale, Affordable Learning Georgia Library Coordinator, at the GSU Library. The GSU Library is happy to assist instructors with locating open resources, publishing open content, and locating course content and library resources that provide affordable options for students and pedagogical opportunities for instructors.

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Denise George is an Assistant Professor and the Education Librarian at Georgia State University. Her research interests include the evolving role of open and affordable course content in higher education. She holds an MMU from Georgia State University and an MLIS from Valdosta State University.
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