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New Faculty Publication: Taoism for Dummies

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Herman, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, on the publication of his new book, Taoism for Dummies. In his book Dr. Herman provides a comprehensive survey of the history, concepts, developments, and texts of Taoism, from its earliest origins to contemporary practice.  For additional information about the book, see the 1 Minute with a Professor video featured on the University home page.

Other publications by Dr. Herman available through the University Library, include:

The Mysterious Mr Wang: The Search For Martin Buber’s Confucian Ghostwriter.” Journal Of Chinese Religions 37 (2009): 73-91.

Dao Unto Others.” Religious Studies Review 28.4 (2002): 319-321.

Human Heart, Heavenly Heart: Mystical Dimensions Of Chu Hsi’s Neo-Confucianism.” Journal Of The American Academy Of Religion 69.1 (2001): 103-128.