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Two new features for Zotero users: storage and bookmarklet

Zotero, the easy and free bibliography software, announced two new features last week:

First, your storage space (for PDFs and other attachments stored on the Zotero servers) has been automatically upgraded. Free Zotero users now have 300MB of attachment storage, upgraded from 100MB. If you’ve paid for extra storage space, you’ll now have an extra gigabyte at no extra charge. More details.

Second, users of Internet Explorer, iPads, and other mobile browsers can now use the Zotero Bookmarklet to save sources directly to your Zotero library online. You must have a (free) Zotero account, but no other software installation is needed.

We’ll be updating our Zotero guide with more information about these new features, but in the meantime, check the official Zotero website¬†for the latest. And we’ll have more Zotero workshops next semester!