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New Database: LGBT Life

Christopher Street magazine, first cover
First issue of Christopher Street, 1976

The GSU Library is pleased to now offer access to the LGBT Life with Full Text database.LGBT Life includes citations and abstracts for more than 200 LGBT-specific core journals, magazines, and other periodicals, and more than 360 LGBT-specific core books and reference works.

Current periodicals included are:

Additionally, LGBT Life also includes full runs of these significant historic LGBT periodicals:

Citations for Atlanta’s own Southern Voice are included back to 2002, with full-text beginning in 2004.

LGBT Life image from EBSCOLGBT Life also includes monographs, reference books, newsletters, case studies, and speeches; also included are all relevant bibliographic data from NISC’s Sexual Diversity Studies.

To access this database, click on the Articles / Databases tab on the GSU Library homepage, then click on “L” in the A-Z list and scroll down.