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New Databases: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive and Access World News Research Collection

We are happy to announce that we now provide access to two new current/historical news databases from NewsBank!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive

First, at long last, we now offer online access to the Atlanta Journal from its establishment in 1883 through 1985, via NewsBank’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive. Prior to this, we were only able to provide access to the Atlanta Journal for these years via microfilm (sad historical trombone). Additionally, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive also provides access to the Atlanta Journal from 1985 until its official merger with the Atlanta Constitution, forming the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in 2001.

We continue to provide online access to the historical Atlanta Constitution from 1868-1984, through ProQuest’s Historical Atlanta Constitution database. Access to the current AJC is available both through ProQuest’s US Newsstream and now also through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive also provides access to AJC Blogs from 2008 to the present and to the AJC’s web edition articles from 2013 to the present. This database also presents images of the newspaper (not just text; see below) beginning in 2017.

Unfortunately, because ProQuest and NewsBank are different vendors, you aren’t able to search for historical articles (from the 19th century through 1985) in one database – you’ll need to search in NewsBank’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution Historical Archive to find historical Atlanta Journal articles and in the ProQuest Historical Atlanta Constitution for historical Atlanta Constitution articles. Also, because they are provided by different vendors, these databases will have somewhat different search interfaces, so check them both out to get a sense of how best to find the historical information you need.

As a reminder, we also provide online access to ProQuest’s Historical Atlanta Daily World from 1931-2000. The Atlanta Daily World is Atlanta’s oldest continuously publishing African-American newspaper – and it can be useful to compare its coverage of an issue with coverage in the Atlanta Journal and the Atlanta Constitution.

And of course, should you be a fan of our microfilm/fiche machines, we have all three of these newspapers available in our Newspaper Microform collection (on Library North 1).

For details on dates of coverage, as well as information about other historical Atlanta newspapers, see our Newspapers research guide.

Access World News Research Collection

Access World News Research Collection is a large collection of full-text US and international newspaper content; it also includes selected broadcast transcripts, a collection of news sources in Georgia. Additionally, the starting page includes a range of “Suggested Topics,” which include many subtopics, to help researchers get started with searching.

Access World News includes both historical and current news sources from around the world. Selecting “World” from the starting page brings up a list of over 13,000 world news sources which can be easily sorted by country/location (including the United States) and by date: the three oldest publications included in Access World News are:

NewsBank also has a video tutorial on how to search in Access World News Research Collection.

For information about our online newspaper holdings, consult our Newspapers research guide or select “Newspapers” from the Databases by Subject list on the library’s homepage.