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Mathematics, Paper Folding, and Viruses

An intriguing, easy to read, and recent addition to the library is the book entitled “A Mathematical Tapestry: Demonstrating the Beautiful Unity of Mathematics” by Peter Hilton and Jean Pedersen.  This book examines polyhedral geometry, number theory, combinatorial geometry, and group theory with proof explanations through step-by-step paper folding techniques.  Examples range from simple flexagons to the more complex and challenging icosahedrons.

“… a triumph of embodied learning, which applies direct experience with the mathematics of objects. This book should be in every library where a chance meeting with a willing student will surely produce a new mathematician. Highly recommended.”  J. McCleary, Vassar College for Choice Magazine

Polyhedra has also shown interest and application with virus structure such as the rhombic triacontahedron structure observed in nodaviruses, tomato bushy stunt virus or the truncated icosahedron found in the Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus.  This could make an interesting research topic.

Take a free peek in Google Books or check it out from the shelf.