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EBSCO Error Message

Dear GALILEO Users,

On August 1st, EBSCO deployed a new version of EBSCOhost.  Though no
visible changes occurred with the update, a new security feature was put
into production.  By incorporating an IP and cookie checking mechanism into
EBSCOhost, EBSCO hopes to prevent unauthorized sharing of EBSCOhost sessions.

The security feature works by checking the IP address associated with each
page of a user’s EBSCOhost session.  If EBSCO detects a change in the IP
address, they will try and locate a valid EBSCO session cookie.  If they
cannot locate a valid session cookie, a user will receive the following
error message:

“We have detected a change to your IP Address for the current session and
we are unable to locate a valid EBSCO cookie. As a result we are unable to
identify you as a legitimate user. Please log in again.”

This error message will also be displayed upon login to EBSCO by users who have their browser set to block all cookies. To correct the problem, users must set their browser either to accept all cookies or create an exception within their browser for the EBSCO cookie.  Troubleshooting tips and directions for accepting cookies can be found within the following GALILEO


Further browser and computer configurations can be found within the
Computer Configuration Instructions for GALILEO Users document:


If you have any questions or need more information, please use GALILEO’s
Contact Us feature or contact OIIT Customer Services at

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Thank you,

Katie Gohn
GALILEO Support Services
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