New JSTOR feature: Article Locator

The Article Locator is a new search form that allows you to find a specific article with an easy, fill-in-the-blank form. To locate a single article, enter as much information as you have from an article reference or citation. The form will search multiple fields of a citation simultaneously, such as author name, article title, journal title, volume/issue information, year, etc.

The Article Locator was available for preview from June 2005 to August 2005 as the JSTOR Citation Search. During the preview period, we received over 150 messages from JSTOR users who had tested the form. Based on this feedback, we made several improvements to the form, including:

– Renaming the form to Article Locator to better reflect the functionality.
– Refining the near match capability to result in closer matches when no exact match is found.
– Returning more detailed information to better indicate the nature of any errors encountered.

The Article Locator may be accessed directly at:

*Author ID: 198 Author name: Elizabeth*

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