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Finding Streaming Films

This is the fifth in a series of posts on themes in the Fall 2022 faculty survey. 

Did you know that the Georgia State University Library offers 100,000+ streaming films for instruction, research, and leisure viewing?  

Through AVON (Academic Video Online), Docuseek, Films on Demand, Kanopy, and Swank Digital Campus platforms, your affiliation with GSU provides you access to hundreds of thousands of hours of great film content. This blog post covers tips on how to find the library’s streaming titles, request streaming films for purchase, and integrate streaming films into iCollege. 

Does the library have a streaming version of the film I need? How can I find the library’s streaming films on a particular subject? 

Start at the library’s catalog, where all the available streaming films are located. 

To look for a specific film, choose the Library Catalog from the drop-down menu on the Discover search box on the library homepage and enter the title of the film: 

Image of Library catalog search of East Lake Meadows

If the library offers that film online, click “online access.”  

Image of search results showing two results for the film East Lake Meadows

The record will have a link to the platform where you can view the film. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to authenticate with your Campus ID and password.  

Catalog record for East Lake Meadows showing View Online section reading Academic Video Online: Premium - United States
Screenshot of East Lake Meadows in Academic Video Online

To find streaming films on a topic, enter your keywords into the Library Catalog search box. 

Image of Library catalog search for civil rights movement

Once you get your results, refine the results on the left-hand side of the results page. Under Availability, select Full Access Online, under Format, select Video, then Apply Filters. 

Image showing applying filters to search to find videos

Your filtered results will show all the library’s streaming videos on your topic. 

Image showing streaming video results

What if the streaming film I need is not in the catalog?  

If you are not finding a specific film you need, you can request the library purchase the film by contacting your department’s subject librarian or through the Suggest a Purchase form on the library’s website. We prioritize films requested by instructors for courses.  

I am an instructor, and a film I have assigned for a course is no longer available– what happened? 

Kanopy and Swank Digital Campus license films for one year. If over one year has passed since the library purchased the title, the title becomes unavailable, and you will need to make a purchase request. You may request the film directly in Kanopy or Swank or use the Suggest a Purchase form. A Collection Development & Discovery staff member will contact you about your request. 

Example of requesting in Kanopy: 

Image of Kanopy request form

When we purchase a Kanopy or Swank title, an expiration date displays in the catalog record for the film. If the expiration date for the film you wish to use is soon, please fill out the Suggest a Purchase form or contact your subject librarian to make sure the film is available when you need it. 

Image of record showing license expiration date

For films previously available on AVON (Academic Video Online), Films on Demand, or Docuseek,  the rightsholders may have terminated the license. Please contact your subject librarian to find an alternative film. Rightsholders can also remove licenses on Kanopy and Swank Digital Campus platforms. 

How can I integrate a streaming film into iCollege? 

Each streaming platform has instructions for integrating their films into course software. Below are guides for each platform. If you encounter problems integrating a video, please contact Whitney Bates-Gomez or CETLOE

Academic Video Online (AVON) 

  • Key Player Features – This video shows the video player, linking options, citation tool, clip-maker, and searchable transcripts. 
  • Video Interaction Functionality Tool – Enables faculty to embed pedagogical tools throughout streaming videos, including discussion prompts, multiple choice and free form questions, polling, and more. 


Films on Demand 


Swank Digital Campus 

I want to access a streaming film that offers a campus-wide license, but it is unavailable on the library’s licensed video platforms. Is this possible? 

The library works with CETLOE to locally host streaming films that offer a campus/academic license but are unavailable on AVON, Docuseek, Films on Demand, Kanopy, or Swank. These films take extra time to license and process, so please keep this in mind if your request is time sensitive. Please work with your subject librarian or send a purchase request for these films.