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Report on the Library’s Survey of Faculty 

In the Fall 2022 semester, the University Library surveyed Georgia State University faculty members. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the needs of the faculty as the library begins our strategic planning process. We are grateful to the faculty members who took the time to give us their feedback and are pleased to share this summary report. Overall sentiment, as captured in this summary report, was positive. On the question of the level of overall satisfaction with the University Library, the mean response, on a 4-point scale, was 3.40 for in-person usage and 3.25 for online usage. Faculty responses to detailed questions about services and resources will provide direction as the library prioritizes the use of its resources.  

The survey included several open-ended questions. The library is digging into this rich data set and planning a series of posts to respond to key themes from this information. Our next post will highlight some things that we were asked for but already have – clearly, we need to make access easier and/or market our resources and services more!  

We were humbled and pleased by the many positive comments we received in response to the final question, “Do you have any additional comments about GSU Library?” Here are a few of my favorite examples: 

  • The library’s development and growth are astounding to this longtime faculty member. The library has evolved from a collection of books to a rich resource for knowledge generation and consumption.  
  • I appreciate the resources and help available to me in my own research as well as the resources and help for students. I always try to encourage students to use the library resources–especially the librarians–as much as possible! 
  • I love our library and have had excellent experiences with various subject librarians, including those in the special collections section. Everyone has been eager to help, and when that person could not help, they would connect me to someone who could. Fabulous! Please keep up the great work! 
  • GSU Library is one of the strongest units in the institution. Its staff is excellent, efficient, helpful and pleasant to work with. It does innovative programming. It is proactive and successful in generating grants that support our students…. The library is CRITICALLY important to the mission of GSU, I would like to see that more clearly reflected in how GSU brands itself. 
  • GSU Library Rocks!!!! Great people, great vision. Excellent facilities.

To discuss anything in this report or the subsequent posts, please get in touch. 

Jeff Steely 

Dean of Libraries