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New Resource: Roper iPoll

The GSU Library is pleased to announce that we now have access to Roper iPoll! The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, founded in 1947 and containing public opinion survey data from 1935 and after, is operated out of Cornell University. It is the world’s leading public opinion archive. The collection includes hundreds of thousands of questions and tens of thousands of individual-level datasets. 

Roper iPoll is a question-level database of topline results from U.S. national polls, including exit polls (voting polls), major news media polls, Pew Research Center polls, and other major opinion polls and social surveys on a wide variety of topics. Data are drawn largely from the U.S., but over 120 different countries are represented.  

This database is helpful to any researcher working with polling or public opinion data and is an especially popular tool across the Social Sciences. 

Watch the database’s video tutorial here.