Centennial Speaker Series – Psychology Professor Rose Sevcik

Dr. Rose Sevcik, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, will present “Developing Symbols: From Communicating to Reading and Calculating,” as part of GSU’s Centennial Speaker Series.

Dr. Sevcik’s research centers on the symbolic process development of oral and written language. Her focus is on children with or at risk for learning /developmental disabilities. Her research also reports on language and reading interventions designed for such children. Her presentation will explore these ares of her research.

Wednesday, December 4
3:00 PM
100 Auburn Avenue Auditorium
Reception to follow

Learn more about Dr. Sevcik’s research through the following resources:

A Comprehensive Analysis of Graphic Symbol Acquisition and Use: Evidence from an Infant Bonobo (Pan paniscus)

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Sevcik, R. A. (2006). Comprehension: An overlooked component in augmented language developmentDisability & Rehabilitation28(3), 159-167.

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