Beyond Biblical: Anthropology Professor researching Leprosy in Contemporary Times

Check out GSU Anthropology Professor Cassandra White‘s recent research on the experiences of Atlanta immigrants with leprosy (or Hansen’s disease):

White, C. (2011). Leprosy and stigma in the context of international migration. Leprosy Review, 83(2), 147-154.

Dr. White’s research reports on preliminary qualitative analyses among Atlanta immigrants with leprosy.  This study primarily focuses on their experiences of stigmatization and prejudice in the U.S., how these intersect with class, ethnicity, and gender, and the implications for transnational health practices.


This research draws on Dr. White’s previous research of the experiences of Brazilians with leprosy/Hansen’s disease – check out her book to learn more:

White, C. (2009). An uncertain cure: Living with leprosy in Brazil. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press.

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