Stressed about finals? Study with the classics!

Beethoven Rocks by MikeHalesNZ - used under a Creative Commons license

Your iPod is full of awesome music. But sometimes you need something a little more… restrained¬†to listen to while studying. The Library is here to help!

We have two streaming classical music databases you can listen to all day as you put the finishing touches on your Fall semester:

  • NAXOS Music Library
    Has over 64,000 recordings of all kinds of music; use the “Genres” tab to explore, or click the “Composers” tab to find music by your favorite composer.
  • Classical Music Library
    Although smaller in size than NAXOS, CML has lots of great music by world-famous musicians and ensembles. ¬†Click the “Playlists” link at the top of the page to browse through prepared song collections.
P.S.: If you’re listening IN the Library, please remember to be considerate of your fellow students and use headphones!


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