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Better Than Some Birth Certificates: Online Y-DNA Databases

Online databases for human Y chromosome STRs are useful for:

  • Genealogists to find family connections
  • Anthropologists to map historical migration patterns and ancient origins
  • Forensic scientists to type and sort male-specific DNA

YSearch contains over 96,000 Y-STR haplotypes, 87% of which tested with FamilyTreeDNA, and allows input of results from other DNA testing companies.

SMGF Y-Chromosome Database contains over 37,000 haplotypes of participants who tested with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.

YHRD (Y-STR haplotype reference database) consists of over 93,000 minimal haplotypes approved by the forensic and scientific community and recommended for court use.

The benefits of Y chromosome testing are detailed in Chris Pomery’s Family History in the Genes:  Trace Your DNA and Grow Your Family Tree. This is one of many works included in The International Society of Genetic Genealogy‘s (ISOGG’s) bibliography of books on genetic genealogy and deep ancestry.