University Library Undergraduate Research Awards

University Library Undergraduate Research Awards - student in the stacksUsually it’s the students who pay the university, not the other way around! Now there are several opportunities for undergraduates to receive monetary rewards for their hard work.

The University Library Undergraduate Research Awards recognize Georgia State University undergraduates who demonstrate skill and creativity in the application of library information resources for research papers/projects completed in fulfillment of a course requirement. Beginning this year, the Georgia State University Library also offers the Sanford Bederman Research Award, specifically seeking research in geography, geosciences and related fields. The library and its supporters wish to encourage excellent scholarship at the undergraduate level and hope these awards will generate an enthusiastic, competitive response.

Applications for both awards are due on January 17, 2011, making this semester the perfect time to get your best work ready. Five prizes of up to $600 are awarded, depending on the category.

For applications, instructions, tips and further information, visit

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