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Reaxys replaces Beilstein

We have upgraded our client version of MDL Cross Fire (Beilstein) to a new web-based version called Reaxys.  Reaxys (an Elsevier product) can be accessed from the Chemistry Research Guide or the List of Databases on the library website.  Reaxys has unlimited user access!

The interface now searches:

  • Beilstein (Organic Chemistry from 1700’s)
  • Gmelin (Inorganic Chemistry from 1800’s)
  • Patent Chemistry Database (Patents from 1975)

Reaxys is very powerful! Information found in Reaxys originates from over 3800 journals and patents from various patent offices.  Reaxys enables you to search by structure, substructure, reaction, text, and property data.  Important experimental data such as melting points, dissociation constants, NMR, UV, MS, UV, etc., can be found for many molecules.  Advanced reactions searching can also be performed.

For more information go to the Chemistry Research Guide and/or talk to the Chemistry Librarian-

Robert Tomaszewski