BioMed Central Implements Author Contributorship Badges

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Many scientific articles have a list of authors, whose individual roles in the work may be difficult to determine.  In order to improve the way authors, particularly scientists, are given credit, BioMed Central has become the first publisher to implement Author Contributorship Badges.  Each authors’ contributions is visually evident by the badges used to assign credit, independent of the order of listed authors.  Badges are displayed on the article page and acceptance of this system will be monitored to determine effectiveness. Check out the first article to have badges applied to it and click on the badges button to see the application of author contribution badges.

Svitin, A., Malov, S., Cherkasov, N., Geerts, P., Rotkevich, M., Dobrynin, P., & … O’Brien, S. J. (2014). GWATCH: a web platform for automated gene association discovery analysis. Gigascience, 318. doi:10.1186/2047-217X-3-18


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