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Physical Therapy Students Help Migrant Farm Workers

Migrant Farm WorkersJodan Garcia, D.P.T. is the Physical Therapy Division‘s newest clinical faculty member. Among other activities, he will be leading a group of Georgia State physical therapy students to Moultrie, Georgia where they will be showing migrant farm workers some strengthening techniques and assessing their fine and gross motor abilities. Their work in Moultrie is part of the Family Farm Worker Health Program; this recent article in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing discusses the full scope of the program.

While data on migrant farm workers is difficult to come by, a literature search on the topic reveals that injuries are a very real risk for this population. To see some articles that have examined this issue, check out this collection of search results from PubMed. (If you’d like to learn how to create your own search result collection in PubMed, refer to this online help guide.)