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Dr. Yong "Tai" Wang's Wheelchair Patient Research

GSU Physical Therapy professor, Dr. Yong “Tai” Wang, has made significant contributions to wheelchair locomotion and rehabilitation research. He invented the EZ Push Wheelchair, which is designed especially for stroke patients, and has written numerous articles related to mobility issues. In his latest project, he is working with physical therapy students to develop a “video-based training program that superimposes a patient’s movements over those of a model. The model, who closely resembles the patient in size, physical build, gender, and injury level, demonstrates proper techniques for skills like wheelie, ramp climbing and curb climbing.” (From Division of Physical Therapy website.)

To read about some of his other wheelchair-related studies, you can perform an author search in PubMed by simply typing the following search statement into the main PubMed search box as shown:

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