Two new electronic reference works

The library now has access to the following titles via Gale Virtual Reference Library:

  • Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film
    The preface states, “Readers will find in the Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film the major facts about film history, clear explanations of the main theoretical concepts and lines of scholarly interpretation, and guidance through important debates. Approaching cinema as art, entertainment, and industry, the Encyclopedia features entries on all important genres, studios, and national cinemas, as well as entries on relevant technological and industrial topics, cultural issues, and critical approaches to film.”  Read reviews of this title on
  • Encyclopedia of Counseling
    From the introduction,”By covering all of the major theories, approaches, and contemporary issues in counseling, the encyclopedia includes close to 600 entries. To enable the reader to understand the major approaches and themes within the field of counseling, the current encyclopedia has been divided into four volumes: (1) changes and challenges facing counseling, (2) personal and emotional counseling, (3) crosscultural counseling, and (4) career counseling. However, each volume will also contain a cross-volume Reader’s Guide and a cross-referencing system to entries in other volumes. In this way, we have created a flexible encyclopedia that can be used together as a set or separately by volume depending on the need of the user.”  Read reviews of this title on
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