Updated: Blackwell journals currently unavailable

As of today, Blackwell journal content is hosted solely on Wiley InterScience.  However, University Library subscriptions to Blackwell titles are not recognized by Wiley InterScience.  Therefore, titles formerly available via Blackwell Synergy are currently unavailable.  We are working with Wiley to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

Update 7/2/2008:  The problems with access to Blackwell titles on Wiley InterScience continue.  Although some subscribed content is now available, current issues  (from the latest 12 months in most cases) remain inaccessible.  We are continuing to work with Wiley to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

Update 7/3/2008:  Wiley appears to have restored access to our Blackwell titles.  However, two problems remain:  1) Find it @ GSU links for former Blackwell Synergy titles still resolve to the Wiley InterScience homepage, rather than the journal’s page.  Wiley hopes to have this problem corrected soon.  2)  Some individual articles are still unavailable.  A list of title missing individual articles is here.  Wiley states that these will be fixed by “mid-July.”

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