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Book cover: Treasures from UCL
This book is published under a CC BY-NC-SA license. Front image: The Trevelyon manuscript; the Tudor rose, prominently featured (fol. 53r).

Reclaiming its license from commercial publishers, the University College London (UCL) Press, began operations under UCL’s Library Services in 2015 as “the first fully Open Access University Press in the UK”. The new vision and mission of the press includes using innovative technologies and ideas to establish open access as the primary scholarly publishing practice across disciplines. Most UCL Press journals are licensed with a CC-BY license. Books are licensed with a Creative Commons license chosen by the author. UCL Press’ commitment to open provides for a greater global reach for its content. The press’ use of flexible licensing options make way for innovative pedagogies and other creative scholarship that may not be possible with all rights reserved content.

In keeping with traditional quality measures, everything published through UCL Press is peer-reviewed. Although the press publishes a variety of formats, there is a focus on monographs with UCL Press publishing over 80 books in the past three years.

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Or browse all eight UCL Press journals here.

For authors who want to publish open content through UCL Press, faculty, students, and other members of the UCL community publish for free. Authors who are not from UCL, are charged APCs (article processing charges) when applicable and BPCs (Book processing charges). However, waivers for BPCs are available for non-funded authors. Find out more about publishing through UCL Press here.

If you’d like to publish open content or if you’d like to use open content and don’t find what you need through UCL Press, there are many other options available. Take a look at the GSU Library’s Open Education Guide. Or, contact Denise Dimsdale, Affordable Learning Georgia Library Coordinator, at the GSU Library. The GSU Library is happy to assist instructors with locating open resources, publishing open content, and locating course content and library resources that provide affordable options for students and pedagogical opportunities for instructors.