Possible EBSCO access problems

Update 9/26/06: The problems with EBSCO access have been resolved.

Dear GALILEO Users,

We have received further information from EBSCO regarding the access problems some users continue to experience. Here is the latest information we have received:



EBSCO//host// is currently experiencing intermittent access issues. Some customers may experience connectivity issues. If you experience problems logging in to EBSCO//host//, please log out and attempt to access again. This highly unusual situation is currently under investigation by our engineering department. We expect to resolve the problem shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.


Connections seem to be somewhat better, but still very slow.

If you are still encountering problems accessing EBSCO, please try logging out and then logging back in. Connections may remain very slow until EBSCO pinpoints and corrects the root cause of the problem.

*Author ID: 168 Author name: William*

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