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Introducing NetLibrary 4.0

[Today], NetLibrary…introduce[d] the all-new NetLibrary 4.0, a major site upgrade that will provide improved search performance, a fresh new look and feel, and powerful new navigation tools.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • New Site Architecture. A sleek new look and feel combined with simple intuitive navigation makes it easier to search across multiple formats.
  • Automatic Summarization. Enables users to find the materials they are looking for quickly by providing a brief summary of eContent.
  • Spell Checking. Automatically checks the spelling of a query term, recognizes commonly misspelled words and offers alternative spellings.
  • Search within Search. Users can narrow search results by entering an additional search term or terms to drill down to relevant content.
  • Concept Recommendations. Recognizes ambiguous search terms and provides recommendations for refining queries.
  • Improved Query Performance. Query response will match performance indicators of leading Web search engines, typically offering response times of two seconds or less.

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