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Wiley InterScience TOC Alerts Now Require email Address for Login

For users who have registered to use personalized features (such as TOC alerts) on Wiley InterScience, Wiley has changed their policy.  They are now requiring users who have registered with the site to update their logins with their email addresses:

Now, when a registered user comes to the Wiley InterScience site
and enters their existing login, the following will occur:

1. User enters current login and password.

2. User is prompted to enter name, country, and an area of interest,
along with a single valid e-mail address.

3. User receives a one-time confirmation e-mail, then clicks on the
authentication link in the message. The verification process is

Afterward, users can login to the site with just their e-mail and
password. (NOTE: confirmation links expire after 24 hours; after that,
users can re-submit their info, if necessary)

This is a one-time process. Aside from the confirmation e-mail, users
will not be sent any further e-mail alerts from Wiley InterScience
unless they explicitly opt-in to receive such messages.

This will not affect users who access Wiley InterScience through GSU’s subscription and do not take advantage of personalized features such as TOC alerts.

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