ICPSR Web Site/Phones Unavailable Dec. 27-28

We have received word that the anticipated ICPSR Internet service interruption scheduled for this weekend, December 18 and 19, will not occur but instead will take place on Monday and Tuesday, December 27 and 28. The construction work causing the outage is scheduled to begin early (6 or 7am) on Monday, December 27, and the work is expected to take one to two business days to complete. During this period, the network connection between ICPSR headquarters in the Perry Building and the University of Michigan campus backbone (and beyond) will be unavailable. ICPSR will continue to have a very limited temporary network connection, so it may be possible for users to access the ICPSR Web site during this period, but slower page loads, download speeds, etc., are likely. Note that phone service will not be interrupted, but the University of Michigan (and hence ICPSR staff) are on holiday break from 5pm EST Dec. 23 through 8am EST January 3.

Source: Email Notice from ICPSR

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