Meet a Librarian: La Loria Konata

Who is La Loria?

La Loria is the librarian for Criminal Justice, Economics, Public Management & Policy, and Social Work.  She was born and raised in Cleveland, Mississippi and moved to Atlanta in 1992.  La Loria has a B.A. in Political Science and Pre-Law from Tougaloo College, an M.P.A (Master of Public Administration) from Georgia State University, an M.L.S. (Master of Library Science) from Clark Atlanta University, and she’s about to finish a Juris Master in Intellectual Property from Emory School of Law.

Why librarianship?

La Loria was working fulltime at the GSU Library while pursuing her M.P.A. and realized that research “made sense” after learning the ins and outs of the library.  Additionally, her mom went to college when La Loria was growing up and La Loria sometimes helped her with her research.  La Loria liked the work she was doing in the library and wanted to be able to help other students with research, particularly non-traditional students who were a large part of the population of GSU at that time.  La Loria didn’t always want to be a librarian, though.  Growing up, she wanted to be a lawyer like Perry Mason!

What does La Loria do when she’s not at work (or studying)?

La Loria is the author of LaKo’s Lessons from Sports, a blog about work and life lessons from the world of sports.  La Loria also loves music and movies.  Her favorite bands are Earth, Wind & Fire and Parliament Funkadelic.  Shalamar was the first concert she ever attended and she was heartbroken when the band broke up.

La Loria’s favorite movies are Cleopatra Jones, because she was the first Black female superhero, A Piece of the Action (a Black To Sir with Love), Back to the Future, because the idea of going back to correct mistakes of the past is appealing, and Last Holiday (with Queen Latifah) for its message to live in the moment and don’t wait until you’re dying to fulfill your bucket list.

A few other things you might not know about La Loria:

  • She played the snare drum and bells in high school marching band.
  • She loves sports, especially football.
  • She ran the Peachtree Road Race in 2014.



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8 Responses to Meet a Librarian: La Loria Konata

  1. Jessica S. says:

    Thank you for sharing Ms. Konata’s story with us! Learning about her path through higher education to her current position is really inspiring for an undergraduate student like me. I’m also a Political Science undergraduate student with experience working in a library, and with plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration. Ms. Konata’s profile has helped me see what my future may look like if I work hard in the fields that inspire me!

  2. La Loria Konata says:

    Thanks Jessica. Good luck on your future endeavors and please let me know if I can be of assistance. – La Loria

  3. Kaetrena says:

    I’ve been following La Loria’s blog and it’s so applicable to our library work! Keep up the writing!

  4. brenda wakefield says:

    La Loria really IS a huge music aficionado. When it comes to music, ask her anything about anything, and she is your source. She’s our own little Music Database. From Carol King to Big K.R.I.T. her vast knowledge of all genres never ceases to amaze me. Glad she’s part of the GSU Library family.

  5. Hedi says:

    really a very tough woman. keep working

  6. Angela Dixon says:

    Simply LOVE the eclectic interests listed for this librarian! (I am experiencing a mini fan-girl moment.) Great realizing that GSU has a librarian bench this deep!

    Thanks for the write up!

  7. Desiree says:

    I have contacted the GSU Clarkston Library location today. I was told I had a fine. No one could locate my account, so how can you say I have a fine if this can’t be located. It would be nice to know the amount so that I can satisfy this and obtain my transcript. Any assistance would be nice so I can get this behind me.

  8. Christopher Moffat says:

    Desiree – I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. I tried getting in touch earlier today. When you have a moment, call my office at 678-891-3697. Let’s see if we can resolve this issue.