New Digital Collection: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)


Cover of 1968 Preliminary Plans of Rapid Transit System

Digital Library Services is pleased to announce the publication of a new digital collection: the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Collection. GSU Library has partnered with the transit agency to digitize these rare items, which include transit station area development plans, publications showing the effects of transit development on Atlanta communities, and a selection of historical maps and other publications. Notably, the collection includes a large number of

Preliminary plan for Airport transit station, 1971

Preliminary plan for Airport transit station, 1971

maps from three sets of preliminary plans for rapid transit system development, issued in March 1968, October 1968, and in 1971. The maps include plans for multiple train lines, some of which were never constructed.

Digital Library Services plans to add to this collection in the near future by digitizing MARTA-related materials from the library’s Southern Labor Archives and Archives for Research on Women and Gender. Check this blog for updates.

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