Glass Plate Negatives of Downtown Atlanta, circa 1927

Dixie Sales Company, circa 1927

Dixie Sales Company, circa 1927

A collection of glass plate negatives from the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library have been digitized, and are now available in the Georgia State University Digital Collections.  The collection of nearly 100 images consists of downtown Atlanta storefronts and streets before the viaduct construction of 1927-1929. Later, some of these covered streets became part of what is now known as Underground Atlanta.

John Wright, the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Special Collections Librarian, culled information from Atlanta City Directories and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to identify streets, storefront locations, and business names.

Questions about this collection should be directed to the Special Collections and Archives at 404-413-2880 or

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One Response to Glass Plate Negatives of Downtown Atlanta, circa 1927

  1. Brendan Spaar says:

    This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the history of Atlanta. A great opportunity to see what Atlanta looked like before it exploded in size and population. I would enjoy seeing the images and then trying to see if any of the places pictured still remain. It would be interesting to compare images of then and now to see how different things are. A valuable addition to the GSU collection.