New Database: JoVE Neuroscience

The Georgia State University Library now has access to JoVE Neuroscience.

JoVE Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary section of the Journal of Visualized Experiments: a peer reviewed, PubMed indexed journal devoted to the publication of biological, medical, chemical and physical research in a video format.

JoVE Neuroscience is devoted to investigations of the structure, function, physiology, and pathophysiology of the brain and nervous system. Included methodologies range from molecular and cellular level studies to full central and peripheral neural systems. Potential treatment platforms and surgical techniques for neurological diseases and disorders are also presented in this section.

JoVE Neuroscience and JoVE Biology (formerly JoVE General) can be accessed by selecting “J” under “Databases by Name A-Z” on the Library homepage.

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