Dr. Nadia Latif to Present Talk

The Departments of Communication & Religious Studies are proud to present a talk by Dr. Nadia Latif, Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and an affiliate faculty member of the Middle East Institute.

Time: September 4, 3:30-4:20 PM

Place: One Park Place, Room 1020

Title and Description of the Talk:  “It is Obligatory: Cultural Commodities and Digital Media in Bourj al-Barajneh Palestinian Refugee Camp.”

On-going debates among Palestinian camp refugees regarding the effects of their use of digital media on the moral and social fabric of their community are couched in terms of the effects of tṭawar—progress. Based on recent fieldwork conducted in a Palestinian refugee camp located in Beirut, this talk will examine the political and economic context of these debates in order to explore the paradoxes underlying the refugees’ use of digital media to articulate their national identity on the one hand, and the imbrication of digital media in local and global processes of commodity production and consumption on the other hand.

Selected publications by Dr. Latif, available through the University Library, include:

““It Was Better During the War”: Narratives of Everyday Violence in a Palestinian Refugee Camp.” Feminist Review. 101 (2012): 24-40.

“Fellahin, fidaʾyīn, lājaʾyīn: Palestinian camp refugees in Lebanon as autochthons.Journal of Arab Studies 19.1 (2011): 46-77.

“Making Refugees.” The New Centennial Review 8.2 (2008): 253-272.

This event is sponsored in part by the Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative.

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