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Finding Chemistry Resources with SciFinder Scholar

3d model of a caffeine molecule
Image courtesy of Andy Schultz on Flickr. (CC BY -NC -SA 2.0)

Looking for Chemistry journal articles and patents? Need papers detailing how a drug is made or examining its uses? The database SciFinder Scholar allows users to search chemistry, biomedical, and other scientific literature by topic, substance, or reaction; users can search with text or by drawing a structure.┬áIf you’ve never used SciFinder Scholar before, now is a great time to try it–there is no longer a limit on how many users can use the database at once.

The library has a new SciFinder Scholar research guide, which walks you through the basics of searching for a topic, substance, or reaction and downloading papers. To get started, create a free account using the Register link, log in, and see what you can find.