Trial of the century?


Today the U.S.  Supreme Court will begin 3 days of oral arguments in which issues connected to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. the Health Reform Law) will be presented.  A ruling is expected by Summer.

Track the progress of the 3 days some are calling “the trial of the century” at, which has guides for each of the 3 days; public polling information; a health care scorecard; and more.

To read the Supreme Court’s documentation on argument 11-398, Department of Health and Human Services, et al. vs Florida, here it is.

For a very good pro/con examination of the Health Reform Law the Library has the database: Issues & Controversies. In addition the Library has several Research Guides, including:  U.S. Constitution and Health Care Reform, which will direct you to popular and scholarly resources for your research.

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2 Responses to Trial of the century?

  1. Hilda says:

    Nice title– trial of the Century. Well, there’s nothing wrong if they discussed issue so long — they really need time. It’s really hard working on problems like education or health. Hope everything will be better!

    Hilda from cache sommier 

  2. These turned out to be lackluster and I’m sure the healthcare ruling will be challenged.

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