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Chemistry Professor Explores the Interaction of Drugs and DNA

Cover image of the book Methods for studying nucleic acid/drug interactionsCheck out GSU Chemistry professor W. David Wilson’s new book chapter:

Nanjunda, R., Munde, M., Liu, Y., and Wilson, W. D. 2012. Real-time monitoring of nucleic acid interactions with biosensor-surface plasmon resonance. In Methods for studying nucleic acid/drug interactions, eds. Wanunu, M., and Tor, Y., pp. 91-122. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

The book collects essays on the development of drugs that interact with DNA (specifically, the interaction of ligands and nucleic acids); the essays are aimed towards established scientists looking for emerging techniques as well as students and new scientists considering entering the field.

To learn more about Dr. Wilson’s research on biosensor surfaces and nucleic acids, take a look at the book chapter or some of his earlier work:

Davis, R. M. and Wilson, W. D. Determination of the refractive index increments of small molecules for correction of surface plasmon resonance data. Anal. Biochem. 284, 348-353, 2000.

Davis, T.M. and Wilson, W.D. 2001. Surface plasmon resonance biosensor analysis of RNA-small molecule interactions. In Methods Enzymol, eds. J. B. Chaires and M. J. Waring, Vol. 240, pp. 22-51. San Diego: Academic Press.

Liu, Y. and Wilson, W. D. 2010. Quantitative analysis of small molecule-nucleic acid interactions with a biosensor surface and surface plasmon resonance detection. In Drug-DNA Interactions Protocols, ed. K. R. Fox, Vol. 613, pp. 1-23. New Jersey: Humana Press.