R.I.P. Davy Jones of “The Monkees”

In memoriam of Davy Jones, diminutive “heartthrob” member of “The Monkees” quartet, explore some of these resources at the Georgia State University Library:

The Monkees

cc Mark Sardella (flickr)

The Monkees. [DVD of four episodes from “The Monkees” television comedy]

Head. [DVD – “a psychedelic look at the pop phenomenon called the Monkees as they shatter their pre-fab image.”]

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Bodroghkozy, A. (1991). ‘We’re the young generation and we’ve got something to say’: A Gramscian analysis of entertainment television and the youth rebellion of the 1960s. Critical Studies In Mass Communication, 8(2), 217.

And, some Monkees trivia: Did you know that both Neil Diamond and Carole King wrote songs for the group?



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