More commentary, reporting on the GSU copyright lawsuit, trial

ARL Policy Notes, by Brandon Butler. Here’s an excerpt:

“If the publishers can show that any professor exceeded the bounds of fair use when they made e-reserves requests, they can pin each violation on GSU.”

A Second Front, by Kevin Smith. Here’s an excerpt:

“…in our justifiable anxiety about [the GSU] case, we should not miss the fact that it is only one part of an overall strategy to undermine the educational exceptions to copyright…”

Research Libraries, Publishers Stake Out Positions on International ILL, by Michael Kelley. Here’s an excerpt:

“A battle is brewing between research libraries and an association of academic publishers over the right to engage in international interlibrary loans and document delivery, both well-established library practices that are increasingly important to scholarship as the amount of discoverable information expands.”

Closing the book on academic freedom, by Bobby Glushko. Here’s an excerpt:

“Copyright law does not operate in a vacuum. Alongside the internal limits to the rights granted to authors by the Copyright Act, such as the limitations provided by fair use, and the rights granted to libraries, people with disabilities, etc., there are also external limitations, notably the First Amendment.”

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