International Education week spotlight: The College of Education celebrates international education daily

The College of Education has a strong dedication to international education as evidenced by its curriculum, research, and programming.

There are several courses across the College with an international/multicultural focus, such as Early Childhood Education’s Issues in International Education; Education Policy Studies’ Multicultural Education; and Counseling & Psychological Services’ Advanced Multicultural Counseling Strategies.

The College has its own Office of International Programs to supplement the “…need for teachers and students to be able to perform academically and professionally on an international level”.    The Office supports a Visiting Scholars/Students program;  a substantial exchange program with 9 countries including Turkey, China, and The Netherlands;  and a study abroad program with 6 countries including Ethiopia, Mexico, and Morocco.

Faculty in the College frequently bring the dedication to international education into their own research.   Here are just a few examples:

Andrea Dixon from Counseling & Psychological Services:

Dixon, A., & Hansen, N. (2010). Fortid, nutid, fremtid (Past, Present, Future): Professional counseling in DenmarkJournal of Counseling & Development, 88(1), 38-42.

Janice Fournillier of Educational Policy Studies:

Fournillier, J., & Lewis, T. (2010).  Finding voice: two Afro Caribbean immigrant members of the academy writing ‘home’. Studies in Continuing Education, 32(2), 147-162.

In addition, Iman Chanine, assistant professor of Middle-Secondary Education & Instructional Technology, was selected to attend the 2010 International Databases Training Seminar sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).   The Seminar’s charge was to examine indicators of poor performance in math and science, particularly in Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) areas in order to support efforts to substantially redirect educational priorities in the region.

These books are available in the library if you’d like to read more about international education:

Advancing global education

The twenty-first century university: developing faculty engagement in internationalization

Comparative and international education: issues for teachers

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