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How do you read articles? Did you see Cell launched a new online format for scientific articles?

Cell Press, who publishes leading journals including Cell, Cancer Cell, Neuron, and Immunity, has collaborated with Elsevier (ScienceDirect) to develop a new format for online presentation of research articles. Highlights of changes:

  • A graphical abstract and highlights
  • Tab navigation between different sections of an article
  • A choice of either a quick view or an extended view of the methods section
  • A reference list showing reciprocal context and how they are being cited by other publications
  • Video abstracts or interviews with the author in selected articles

Go play around with one of the articles in the new format.
Do you like it or not? Send your feedback to Cell Press. Feedback will be used to develop an online article format that will be incorporated into 2,000 journals available on ScienceDirect.