"Throwing Open the Doors: Strategies and Implications for Open Access"

A webcast of interest from Educause on Open Access:

In the past decade, the proliferation of Web 2.0 tools for sharing and creating knowledge, coupled with the creation of open-access journals, databases, and archives across the web, has begun to redefine the concept of  “openness” in higher education. Advocates of the open-access campaign argue that free, virtual access to scholarly works and research advance scientific discovery and lead to faster knowledge dissemination and richer research collaborations, throwing open the doors that once restricted knowledge sharing and exploration. Critics of the movement have doubted its economic sustainability and raised concerns about its impact on peer review. Regardless, open access requires a new examination of campus copyright and publishing policy. Join us as we discuss the strategies and definitions behind open access and its implications for campus IT, librarians, administrators, and policy offices.


1-2pm U.S. Eastern Time, Friday, October 23. No charge, but registration required. Archived for future (re)viewing.

Speakers: Tracy Mitrano, Director of IT Policy, Cornell University
Heather Joseph, Executive Director, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Commission (SPARC)

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