University Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007-2008 University Library Undergraduate Research Awards.

In the 1000/2000 level category:

Colleen McHugh for Children Tested Like Animals.
Written for English 1102 taught by Rahana Carusi.

Shamara Boines for “Should the U.S. Adopt British Policies in Fighting the War on Drugs?
Written for POLS 2401 taught by Deborah Cotton.

In the 3000/4000 level category:

Carley Henderson for The Face of the Mummy.
Written for HIST 4990 taught by Larry Youngs.

David Karosick for “Another Declaration of Independence?
Written for ENGL 3220 taught by Scott Lightsey.


*Author ID: 8 Author name: Laura*

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