Expanded access to three publications

The library has purchased access to the archives of the following titles:

  • The Nation Archive (1865-)
    The Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine and one of the premier journals of opinion since its inception in 1865. The magazine has long been regarded as one of the country’s definitive journalistic voices of writing on politics, culture, books as well as the arts and continues to stand as the independent voice in American journalism.
  • The National Review Archive (1955-)
    The National Review has been a leading journal of opinion since its inception in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr. The publication consistently provides insightful and unique coverage of political, economic, social, and cultural issues and trends, and remains one of the leading sources in this regard.
  • The New Republic Archive (1914-)
    For ninety years The New Republic has provided in-depth examination of American politics, foreign policy and culture with an uncanny ability in covering issues before reaching the mainstream. The New Republic continues to be the leading journal of opinion and covers topics from a variety of viewpoints.

These archives may also be accessed via the library’s list of Electronic Resources & Databases.

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