New resource: Empire Online

The library recently purchased Empire Online.  From the publisher’s description:

This project has been developed to encourage undergraduate work with rare primary documents. By using images of the texts rather than transcriptions, Empire Online enables students to connect with the past with greater immediacy. By retaining the look and feel of the original sources, we engender greater interaction with the material as students can understand better the circumstances in which sources were created and the ways in which the authors chose to present their arguments.

Each Section features thematic essays by leading scholars in the field of Empire Studies. The essays relate directly to the source material covered by the online publication with 30-50 hypertext links per essay to documentary evidence. Empire Online brings together the latest academic work with immediate access to relevant original documents. The project offers good quality, meaningful content that academics can readily integrate into their courses, project in the classroom, or use in course packs. The thematic essays introduce students to the material, suggest possible approaches, and place the documents within a broad historical, literary and cultural context.

Wherever possible we have included an entire document, complete manuscript or volume of a rare publication. We have not sought to use the sources in a prescriptive fashion. Sources are multivalent and can be approached in many ways.

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