New resource: CensusCD 1970

The library recently purchased the online edition of CensusCD 1970.  From the publisher’s description:

CensusCD 1970 is the first product to allow access to the results of the 1970 US Census down to the Census tract.  Over 8,500 demographics and geographic identifiers exist for every geographic area. The counts are divided into 3 groups: geographic identifiers, population counts, and housing counts. In addition, a full set of 1970 tract maps, along with mapping software, has also been included.

If you want an overview of an area, you can simply select the Geographic Area you want and Run a Snapshot report.
If you want more targeted information than is in the Snapshot report, use Counts to select the 1970 demographics you want and Run a Summary report.

The source of the data:
The data for CensusCD 1970 is the Fourth Count Population Summary Tape and Fourth Count Housing Summary Tape from the US Census Bureau.

Geographic Areas:
CensusCD 1970 contains 6 geographic summarization levels, the total number of each level is in parentheses: Nation (1) State (51) County (3,137) Tract/BNA (46,728) Place (22,529) MCD/CCD (35,195)

Export the file data into other systems like statistical (e.g. SAS, SPSS), database (e.g. Access, Oracle), spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, 1-2-3), or mapping (e.g. Arc View, MapInfo) packages.

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