Possible problem accessing EBSCO databases through GALILEO

EBSCO has reported to us that they are currently working on a problem that may be affecting access to EBSCO databases. The problem is related to the change in Domain that EBSCO made yesterday morning. Users accessing EBSCO databases through GALILEO may encounter the following error message:

“We have detected a change to your IP Address for the current session and we are unable to locate a valid EBSCO cookie. As a result we are unable to identify you as a legitimate user. Please log in again.”

This message will happen to any customer coming from behind a share or pooled IP connection when their IP changes. GALILEO Support Services has received several reports of this error message being received by users. Please know that this problem has been assigned a priority of “Critical” at EBSCO and they are working diligently to resolve the problem.

*Author ID: 168 Author name: William*

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