Upgrades to ISI Web of Knowledge

Web of Knowledge, the interface through which the GSU community accesses Biological Abstracts, Current Contents Connect and Web of Science, among other resources, has recently been updated.  Upgrades include:

  • ISI Web of Knowledge interface has changed. It’s a new look  but with the same fast searches.
  • Author Finder is a search refinement feature in Web of Science and Current Contents Connect that enables a searcher to more precisely locate exactly the author she seeks. Now you can distinguish betwen authors with the same name publishing in different categories, or between two authors sharing the same name. Also, group an author’s research output when that author’s name is recorded in several formats.
  • Improved Topic Search Results for better results when entering multiple search terms. This change lets searchers conduct searches the way they’re used to, with the implied “AND” between search terms. Applies to all bibliographic products on the platform, this change in search syntax affects Topic Search and Cross Search (Keyword search).
  • RSS feeds now available Integrate crucial data into your workflow with custom RSS feeds from ISI Web of Knowledge. Now users can get custom RSS feeds to receive search result, citation and tables of contents (TOCs) alerts from ISI Web of Knowledge.  RSS allows you to see when ISI Web of Knowledge has added new content of interest. You can get the latest alerts in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit every day. See who’s citing you now   stay up-to-date, with the very latest research information that you are interested in.
  • Derwent Innovations Index now has the same interface and tools as other products on ISI Web of Knowledge, and performance will be significantly faster. New features include:
    – The ability to personalize your start page
    – The ability to launch a cross-search from within DII
    – Analyze Tool
    – Refine Results
    – Search within results
    – One-click searching for author name

Web-based training on new features is available from Thomson here.

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