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WilsonWeb enhancements

Members of the GSU community can access Art Abstracts, Biography Index, and Education Abstracts via WilsonWeb.  Recent enhancements include:

  • New Subject Pathfinder Links

    New Subject Pathfinder links at the top of results screens invite users to narrow or expand their results to those subtopics represented prominently in the results list. The links can save users the time they might spend sorting through wider results list for articles relevant to a subtopic they may have intended to search but didn’t know the right terms for.
  • New Search Builder on Search History ScreenThe redesigned Search History screen is easier to use, and now includes a Search Builder feature that lets users combine past searches, refine searches, or create new ones.
  • Clearer Full Text and Page Image Indicators

    Icons (with an explanatory label) indicate availability of full text and page images right in each citation, making it easily apparent all that can be accessed.

A complete list of enhancements is available from H.W. Wilson.

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