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WRDS users now have access to MFLINKS

GSU users who have registered for access to Wharton Research Data Service now have access to MFLINKS (Mutual Fund Links):

The MFLINKS tables provide a reliable means to join CRSP Mutual Fund (MFDB) data that covers mutual fund performance, expenses, and related information to equity holdings data in the TFN/CDA S12 datasets. Using MFLINKS allows a researcher to gather detail on holdings for either particular funds or fund families and groups of funds at specific points in time. MFLINKS has been developed with Professor Russ Wermers (University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business) as a contributor and ongoing consultant to the project. Professor Wermers was one of the first researchers who used linked mutual fund data. A good example of how MFLINKS can be used is his article, “Mutual Fund Performance: An Empirical Decomposition into Stock-Picking Talent, Style, Transactions Costs, and Expenses” (Journal of Finance, 2000) that decomposes mutual fund performance into its various components based upon actual holdings.

About WRDS access: Users must open an account at the WRDS home page. WRDS will notify Liz Talamas, who is Georgia State’s WRDS administrator. After Liz verifies that the user is a Georgia State faculty, staff, or student, WRDS will forward the account information to that person who will then be able to access WRDS from anywhere in the world.

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